Pat Collinson UK Everyone deserves and has a right to be treated equally in law. I think there are too many ‘old white dudes’ telling us what our wonderful culturally di verse brothers and sisters think and feel. Wonderful to see and hear everyone speak for themselves. Thank You Matthew Mee Ethnic Australian Because everyone should have the same rights, same choices and same freedoms. Karin Gottschalk German Everyone must have full equality and full human rights, not just some. Michael Barnett Jewish community All people must be treated equally under the law, with dignity and respect. Wolfie Rankin Koori I think two people should get married if that’s what they’d like to do. Alex Bhathal Punjabi Sikh - European Australian In the 1950s my parents’ marriage was frowned upon and was actually illegal – they had to get special permission. 60+ years later, we shouldn’t be having debates about the rights of loving couples to marry. Gladys Demissie Indian I want a society that is accepting of everyone no matter what their faith is or who they love Jose Ciciliamma Dravidian I want my lovely. LGBTIQ friends, colleagues and relatives to experiencing a beautiful and public expression of a loving and committed relationship. And a safe place for kids to thrive. Love wins Nasreen Lang Indian BECAUSE LOVE IS LOVE AND IT’S 20FUCKING17 Hugh Ht Welsh Because it will make a lot of people happy. Puneet Gulati Indian Australian Love needs no gender preference – It should stay same for all regardless. Ives MacChen Malaysian Chinese I support equality; I stand beside my family and friends in the LGBTIQ community because I love them and they must have the same rights to marry or not marry, as I do. Natasha Lee-Mays Mixed I support all equity because we are all equal human beings entitled to the same inalienable rights by virtue of being humans. Suresh Rajan West Australians for Racial Equality Basic human rights issue Elizabeth Young New Zealand Pakeha Because it’s the right thing to do. Love is love. Brad Chilcott Australian Christian Johanna Moerman Netherlands I believe it’s a human right. Gavin McDougall Gaelic Because I might want to get married. Shouldn’t I be allowed to get married? My parents would like that (so, possibly would my 21 year life partner). Sam Redston Australian It is long overdue. Love is love. Filipe Paiva Brazil Because no one must define who someone else must love. crys ja Chinese Australian It’s pretty simple – I believe all Australians should be able to marry the person they love. Marriage is a right and a privilege, yes, but not just for some and not for others. Alison Lewis British Everyone deserves to fall in love with a person, not a gender. Life should be full of love not animosity and intolerance. There are bigger problems in the world, this really isn’t something we should be fighting about. Jolene Langman Kiwi Equality for all! Cristian Cortes Garzon Latin American Love is Love.
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Australia has an enviable record of fostering a diverse, open and welcoming society. Together, we have built a place where people from every corner of the world can live and work side by side – a place where everyone can belong.

The Yes Alliance is a group of Australians from faith and culturally diverse communities - that will be supporting a YES vote in the upcoming postal survey.

Australians from migrant and faith backgrounds have often faced discrimination and harassment based on race, skin colour, language, religious practise or cultural heritage.

LGBTI people are also in our communities, they are our friends and family members, and they can face discrimination on multiple fronts.

It’s never been more important for our communities to stand up for a more tolerant and open society. A society that has equal rights for everyone. The postal survey will be an opportunity to do that. That is why we must reaffirm our society’s shared values of – freedom, fairness, equality before the law, respect for all and that discrimination is never acceptable – values that have shaped our success, and will underpin our future prosperity.

These are the values that unify us as a peaceful and prosperous society with a shared sense of belonging, respect, acceptance and contribution.
As the survey rolls out, we will engage with Australia’s multicultural and multifaith communities and have difficult but important conversations about:

  • why a YES vote is about equal rights
  • why a YES vote is not a hindrance to religious freedoms or free speech
  • why a YES vote will protect religious freedoms
  • why a YES vote is about removing discrimination for all

We pledge our support for marriage equality and to work with multicultural and multifaith people to achieve a society where everyone is equal before the law.